Elegance with a Cause

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Elegance with a Cause

An Americans for Immigrant Justice Exclusive!

Elegance with a Cause

Show Your Support with a Limited Edition sterling silver engraved “We the People” necklace.

Be one of only 50 individuals across the nation to own and wear this intricate work of art. 

Each signed and numbered, hand-crafted necklace is only $300 plus shipping of $8 per necklace.

Your purchase of this limited work of art is tax deductible at $190 per necklace.

Through the generosity and support of the artist, nearly 65 percent of the price goes directly to 

support the work of AI Justice and is a tax-deductible contribution from you. 

Ingrid made, signed and numbered only 50 pieces of this spectacular piece of art exclusively for the support of Americans for Immigrant Justice.

To order your necklace today, call Tori Wolan at (305) 573-1106 ext. 1610. 
If you have any questions, please email twolan@aijustice.org



The WE THE PEOPLE necklace designed exclusively for Americans for Immigrant Justice was born out of the artist’s nationalization process during which she realized the strength and importance of the United States constitution and the rights it bestows on all citizens. Those rights that many take for granted.

The artist believed that these rights and responsibilities have to be understood, practiced and honored. The “land of the free” was built upon these first three words of the U.S. Constitution: WE THE PEOPLE.

The WE THE PEOPLE comes beautiful displayed in a custom-made decorative box, also signed and numbered, with an adjustable 20-inch sterling silver chain. The pendent measures at about 2.5 by 1.75 inches with the shirt alone measuring about 1 by 1.25 inches


Ingrid Barreneche is a Columbian-born artist who lives in Boca Raton. During her 20s she left her advanced journalism studies in Columbia to travel abroad with her husband. Leaving Columbia more than 15 years ago she has lived in Ecuador, Australia and in the United States since 2001. She became a U.S. citizen through naturalization in 2009, an event that since influenced her work.

Ingrid is currently working towards a BA in Studio Art at Florida Atlantic University (FAU). She has worked in public art installations, sculpture, painting and mixed media.


People in third world countries dry their clothes outside on clotheslines (there are no washers and dryers that are available) – often one can tell the history of the family by viewing the clotheslines. American clotheslines should guarantee the rights of all people as stated in the Preamble in the United States Constitution. WE THE PEOPLE identifies the spirit of the constitution. We are “The People”.

"We The People" Necklace AI Justice - Detail front

“We The People” Necklace AI Justice – Detail front

"We The People" Necklace AI Justice - Detail back

“We The People” Necklace AI Justice – Detail back


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