We the People. Elegance with a cause.

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We the People. Elegance with a cause.

Ingrid Barreneche

Is an artist who attends FAU after graduating Miami Dade College in which she distinguished herself with numerous prizes. She is also a friend and an admirer of mine. When I joined the AIJ (formerly FIAC) I asked her to join me in a project to raise funds for the organization. People in third world countries dry their clothes outside on clotheslines(there are no washers and dryers that are available) – often one can tell the history of the family by viewing the clotheslines. American clotheslines should guarantee the rights of all people as stated in the Preamble in the United States Constitution. WE THE PEOPLE identifies the spirit of the constitution. We are in “The People”. The necklaces are sterling silver and are an edition of 50.

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