Pro Bono Heroes

Ian Ross, Shareholder, Greenberg Traurig



 Ian Ross has taken on at least six cases pro bono that were referred to him by AI Justice.  Additionally, as a shareholder at Greenberg Traurig, Mr. Ross has encouraged and inspired other attorneys to take on complex pro bono matters and has served as co-counsel and mentor while they fight for the rights of vulnerable immigrants and asylum seekers. He has been instrumental in organizing a number of trainings and recruitment efforts for pro bono attorneys at the firm.

Mr. Ross’s commitment to his pro bono clients has never wavered. He represented a Venezuelan couple who fled severe political persecution after being kidnapped and shot. In that particular case Mr. Ross fought for their release from immigration detention. However, once he obtained their liberty he did not stop there and continued to represent the couple in their asylum case before the immigration court, a process which has lasted well over two years. Most recently, Mr. Ross was quick to assist when an AI Justice attorney reached out to him to obtain pro bono representation for an African asylum seeker who had a hearing rapidly approaching. This asylum seeker was a torture survivor who fled his country due to religious persecution and had been languishing in immigration detention for months. Due to Mr. Ross's determination and hard work, the asylum seeker was released from detention.  AI Justice staff personally witnessed when Mr. Ross's client thanked him and told him, "you saved my life" as tears streamed down his cheeks. Without Mr. Ross's willingness to step in and take these complex and challenging cases deserving asylum seekers would no doubt still be languishing in detention or perhaps sent back to torture or their death. In that sense, Mr. Ross is truly a lifesaver. 


Johanna Rousseaux, Of Counsel, Jones Day



"I am very proud to be a part of Jones Day, which has committed countless resources and attorneys in recognition of the serious nature of this crisis and the positive impact that we can and will have on these children.  And the undertaking has a special personal significance for me -- I lived in Central America for many years and studied the conflicts that historically troubled the region.  I'm keenly aware of the structural roots of the problem that have led to a failure in the rule of law and a total lack of public security, where families fear they can no longer provide adequately for the safety and well being of their children." - Johanna Rousseaux

 As the number of unaccompanied children seeking safety in the United States increased over the Summer of 2014, Johanna Rousseaux and Jones Day stepped up to the plate to quickly lend a helping hand.  They continue to represent a number of Central American children facing deportation and are working on a pro bono basis to ensure that children who arrive at our border receive fair treatment under our laws.  Their help has been life changing for  these children, a number of whom are survivors of human trafficking or scaping brutal gang violence or other abuse in their homelands. We are extremely grateful for their help and support.


Nadine Gedeon and Cristina Morales, Partners, Nadine Gedeon, P.A.


Nadine Gedeon


Cristina Morales 

"It was a wonderful experience to work on that case. We worked very hard but the results were very rewarding." - Cristina Morales

Nadine and Cristina committed to taking a pro bono case and AI Justice referred the case of a survivor of domestic violence who was detained at Broward Transitional Center while seeking asylum. Nadine and Cristina worked closely with AI Justice and diligently prepared for their client's day in court. Their client was granted asylum and can now begin rebuilding her life.


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