Policy & Advocacy

Policy and Advocacy AI Justice's Program

AI Justice’s staff advocates for improved immigrant policies and practices, from better detention conditions and groundbreaking lawsuits, to improved procedures in citizenship services and immigration court. We write groundbreaking reports that document real-life stories and provide ample evidence that anti-immigrant measures are an assault on the fundamental civil liberties of all.  Through our publications and in media interviews, we educate the public and policymakers while promoting constructive reform of our broken U.S. immigration system.

We also challenge government abuses in court and before the Organization of American States.  We have won lawsuits on behalf of immigrants eligible for citizenship, domestic workers who were trafficked by their employers, and ICE detainees who survived physical and sexual abuse or were denied adequate medical care.

AI Justice testifies before Congress, and our written and oral testimony has been solicited by numerous House and Senate Subcommittees as well as the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, the American Bar Association, the National Prison Rape Elimination Commission, and the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.  We help shape and advance policies that protect our borders while safeguarding the basic civil and constitutional rights of Americans.

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