Family Defense Program

"It was as if they opened the doors and said 'Okay, here. This is the key. This is the key so that you can continue working toward your dreams.'" 

- Cindy, former DACA recipient, upon learning she has an avenue for permanent immigration relief

In January 2017, in the wake of rapidly changing immigration policies and directives, AI Justice increased its community outreach, oftentimes conducting several Know Your Rights presentations a week to vulnerable immigrants in South Florida.

On July 1, 2017, AI Justice launched its Family Defense Program. Staff regularly meet with immigrants, including DREAMers and TPS recipients facing deportation, to update them about changes in immigration laws and practices, to answer their questions, and to conduct individual screenings to determine immigrants’ eligibility for legal status. Thousands of immigrants have been helped, including many who are now eligible to apply for green cards or U.S. citizenship.

Would your community benefit from a Know Your Rights Presentation or a legal screening event? AI Justice staff is able to provide presentations and screenings to the immigrant community in South Florida. Email AI Justice at for more information.

¿Se beneficiaría su comunidad de una presentación de Conozca sus Derechos o de un taller diagnóstico de alivio inmigratorio? AI Justice ofrece presentaciones y talleres a la comunidad inmigrante en el sur de la Florida. Mande un mensaje a AI Justicia, a, para más información.


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We Have Rights is a national immigrant empowerment campaign launched by the ACLU and Brooklyn Defender Services to provide critical information to communities threatened by Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) and engage the broader American public in an urgent conversation about immigrant justice in our country. Each video is available in English, Spanish, Urdu, Arabic, Haitian Creole, Russian, and Mandarin. Click here for more information. 



We Have Rights (Tenemos Derechos) es una campaña nacional de empoderamiento de inmigrantes lanzada por ACLU y Brooklyn Defender Services con el fin de proveer información crucial a las comunidades amenazadas por el Servicio de Inmigración y Control de Aduanas (ICE) y de involucrar al público estadounidense más amplio en una conversación urgente sobre la justicia inmigrante en nuestro país. Cada video está disponible en inglés, español, urdu, árabe, criollo haitiano, ruso, y mandarín. Haz clic aquí para más información. 


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About Us:

AI Justice is an award-winning non-profit law and advocacy firm that protects and promotes the basic human rights of immigrants. In Florida and on a national level, we champion the rights of unaccompanied immigrant children; advocate for survivors of trafficking and domestic violence; serve as a watchdog on immigration detention practices and policies; and speak for immigrant groups who have particular and compelling claims to justice.