AI Justice Team

Jessica Alvarez | E-mail Director of Finance

Oscar Alvarez | E-mail BIA Accredited Representative, Asylum, Residency & Citizenship Program

Julie Anderson | E-mail Grants Coordinator

Emilio Araos | E-mail Paralegal, Children's Legal Program

Angela Bouliakis, Esq. |  E-mail | Biography Attorney, Children's Legal Program and Pro Bono Coordinator

Cassandra Capote, Esq. |  E-mail | Biography Attorney, Children's Legal Program

Lazarita Chumpitazi | E-mail Shelter Advocate, Children's Legal Program

Brenda Corrales, Esq. | E-mail Attorney, Children's Legal Program

Andrea Crumrine, Esq. | E-mail | Biography Greenberg Traurig Holly Skolnick Equal Justice Works Fellow

Thais De La Cuba, Esq. | E-mail Attorney, Children's Legal Program

Abel Delgado, Esq. | E-mail | Biography Attorney, Children's Legal Program

Viodie Douceur E-mail Data Entry Specialist

Ariela Moscowitz Fegley | E-mail Director of Communications

Gladys Ferreira | E-mail  Accountant      

Mariana Ferreiro, Esq. |  E-mail Senior Attorney, Children's Legal Program

Maite Garcia, Esq. | E-mail | Biography Attorney, Children's Legal Program

Debbie Gibbs | E-mail  Development & Communications Associate     

Sharon Ginter | E-mail  Administrative Assistant to The Executive Director

Laura Gonzalez E-mail Administrative Specialist

Mich Gonzalez, Esq. |  E-mail | Biography Senior AttorneyChildren's Legal Program

Sofana Hernandez | E-mail  Legal Assistant, Domestic Violence & Human Trafficking Program

Tatiana Hernandez |  E-mail  | Biography  Law Graduate, Domestic Violence & Human Trafficking Program                              

Cheryl Little, Esq. |  E-mail | Biography  Executive Director and Co-Founder

Stephanie Lobo E-mail  Data Entry Specialist

Lorraine Perez Lugo | E-mail  Shelter Advocate, Children's Legal Program 

Sandra Maldonado | E-mail  BIA Accredited Representative, Asylum, Residency & Citizenship Program

Guillermo Maceda, Esq. | E-mail Attorney, Children's Legal Program

Patricia Mendez, Esq.E-mail | Biography Attorney, Children's Legal Program

Jennifer Miranda | E-mail Receptionist

Monique Noceda | E-mail  BIA Accredited Representative, Domestic Violence & Human Trafficking Program

Allison Norris, Esq. | E-mail Attorney, Children's Legal Program

Michelle Ortiz, Esq. |  E-mail | Biography Deputy Director and Domestic Violence & Human Trafficking Program Director

Carson Osberg, Esq. | E-mail | Biography Attorney, Domestic Violence & Human Trafficking Program

Rosario Paz | E-mail Paralegal, Children's Legal Program

Katty Perez Pinon | E-mail Paralegal, Domestic Violence & Human Trafficking Program   

Marina Rakopyan | E-mail Program Coordinator, Children's Legal Program

Haydee Rodriguez | E-mail  BIA Accredited RepresentativeDomestic Violence & Human Trafficking Program

Pierre Saintil | E-mail BIA Accredited Representative , Asylum, Residency & Citizenship Program 

Jennie Santos-Bourne, Esq. |  E-mail | Biography Attorney, Litigation Program

Adonia Simpson, Esq. |  E-mail | Biography  Supervising Attorney, Children's Legal Program

Jessica Shulruff Schneider, Esq. | E-mail | Biography Supervising Attorney, Detention and Asylum, Residency and Citizenship Programs

Yuleima Toledo | E-mail Accounting Clerk

Cindy Torres | E-mail Shelter Advocate, Children's Legal Program

Omar UrbinaE-mail  Data Entry Specialist

Jennifer Anzardo Valdes, Esq. |  E-mail | Biography  Supervising Attorney, Children's Legal Program

Yoly Vasquez | E-mail  Director of Administration and Human Resources

Karis WilliamsE-mail Shelter Advocate, Children's Legal Program

Sharon ZavalaE-mail Sisters of The Humility of Mary Volunteer in Service, Children's Legal Program

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Miami, FL 33137
T 305-573-1106
F 305-576-6273

10 G Street NE.
Suite 710
Washington, DC 20002
T 202-248-5080

About Us:

AI Justice is an award-winning non-profit law and advocacy firm that protects and promotes the basic human rights of immigrants. In Florida and on a national level, we champion the rights of unaccompanied immigrant children; advocate for survivors of trafficking and domestic violence; serve as a watchdog on immigration detention practices and policies; and speak for immigrant groups who have particular and compelling claims to justice.